Dark Circles And Acne Like A Pro

Dark Circles And Acne Like A Pro

Concealer is a must-have beauty essential that everyone should have in their makeup kits. However, many of us are unaware of how to apply concealer. Here are some ways to cover up Dark Circles And Acne Like A Pro

Use Concealer Before Foundation:

First off, let us start it with what is concealer. It is a colour correction liquid that is used to conceal blemishes, dark circles, acne, and large pores.

While popular opinion suggests using concealer first, you’d do better by using it after foundation. If you apply a coat of foundation before putting on concealer, you’ll end up using less quantity of the product

For Dark Circles:

Dark Circles

One of the most flattering ways in which you can use concealer is by applying it in the shape of triangles beneath your eyes and then evenly blending it out so that it looks natural.

Not only will this help you in concealing your dark circles, but it will also give your face a lift that will leave it looking radiant.

For Eyelids:

If you’re a fan of eye-shadows then concealer is a must for preventing it from forming creases in your eyelids. While there are eye-shadow primers for that very purpose, you can also dab some concealer on your eyelids for just the same effect.

For Pimples:

If you want to hide pimples before stepping out for the day, use a green concealer before you proceed with your usual one. This will allow you to hide the redness of pimples, thus giving your face a naturally clean look. First dab the tip of your pimples with the green concealer with a clean brush.

Do take care that you only dab it on your pimples, and not on the skin surrounding them to prevent the bacteria from spreading. Next, you can dab the applied area with the colour that suits you best from the concealer palette.

For Puffy Eyes:

Be it early morning or the day after an all-nighter, puffy eyes need not be the reason to hamper your shine! Mix concealer, highlighter, and moisturizer at the back of your hand and apply the mixture on your brow bone and under your eyes in the direction of your temple to hide puffiness and brighten these areas.

Puffy Eyes

Prevent Lipstick from Bleeding Out:

You can also use concealer to prevent your lipstick from bleeding out. Just use a fine brush to apply concealer to the outline of your lips. Not only will this limit your lipstick to your lips, but it will also give them a more defined look.

For Plumber Lips:

You can also use concealer to give your lips the illusion of being plumper than they really are. Just dab a bit of light concealer in the middle of your lips and blend it lightly with your hand. Top it off with a nude lip gloss and you will have lips that will look naturally full.

When it comes using a concealer, there is more than one way to it. However, do make sure you dab your concealer with a blotting paper to prevent it from looking cakey.